Which mortgage will suit you?

FIXED RATE MORTGAGE This can be a good idea for several reasons: Predictable Payments: With a fixed mortgage, your monthly payments remain the same throughout the loan term. This provides stability and allows you to budget effectively without worrying about fluctuations in interest rates. Protection Against Rate Increases: If interest rates rise in the future, […]

Spooktacular Team

It doesn’t take much to get the Lettings team excited!! Any excuse to wear fancy dress for the day is fabulous.

What is a break clause?

What Is a Break Clause in a Tenancy Agreement and How Does it Work Break clauses are useful for both tenants and landlords and allow them to end a tenancy agreement before the contract ends. But understanding a break clause and how to use it is a complicated subject. Below, we outline what a break […]

Can electric car charging points increase the value of your property?

Absolutely! Electric car charging points can indeed add value to your property. As more and more people are transitioning to electric vehicles (EVs), having a charging point at home can be a significant advantage. It not only enhances the convenience for EV owners but also increases the appeal of your property to potential buyers or […]

Cake Sale for Breast Cancer awareness

    We would like to extend out heartfelt thanks to all for being part of of our cake sale in aid of Breast Cancer Awareness. In total we raised £215 from the sale of our yummy cakes and raffle. We hope our delectable treats brought a smile to everyone’s faces.

How to make the ‘Box Room’ bigger

Of course we would all prefer if the third bedroom or kindly known as the ‘box room’ was bigger, so here are a few tips and tricks:   Light colours: Use light and neutral colours on your walls, ceiling, and furniture. Light shades create an illusion of space and make the room feel more open […]

Why Autumn is a good time to sell a property

Autumn is a wonderful time to sell a house for several reasons Firstly, the weather tends to be cooler and more comfortable, making it easier for potential buyers to explore the property without extreme temperatures. Additionally, the beautiful autumn foliage can enhance the curb appeal of your home, creating an inviting and picturesque atmosphere. Moreover, […]

Why choose a mortgage broker?

There are several reasons why someone may choose to use a mortgage broker when obtaining a mortgage: Access to multiple lenders: Mortgage brokers have access to a wide range of lenders, including banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions. This gives borrowers more options and increases their chances of finding a mortgage that meets their […]

Frimley Green Pre School Summer Sponsor

We are delighted to be sponsoring Frimley Green Pre-School’s summer fundraising event being held on 21st July 2023. The summer event will help towards much needed funds for the pre-school’s activity program, benefiting all the children with indoor and outdoor activities.

What makes retirement places a good place to live

If you or a loved one is thinking about moving to a retirement village, here are key benefits for you: Low maintenance: Retirement villages and homes are often designed to be low maintenance, which means that residents don’t have to worry about gardening, cleaning or home repairs. Security: These are typically located in secure communities […]

A modern day revival

A return to Earthy colours, 1970s decor is having a modern revival Earthy hues are perfect for a living room used for both socialising and relaxing and is proving popular with buyers and vendors looking to update their property. Paired with low-slung, boxy sofas upholstered in rich colours, some of the era’s more memorable trends, […]

Frimley Green Pre School Easter Fair

We are proud to sponsor every child with a chocolate Easter Egg as well as the Easter Fair on Sunday 2nd April. Another big treat is the Creepy Crawley Show where the children interact with critters….Not for the faint hearted!

Rental market to stay strong in 2023

The mismatch between demand and supply will keep the rental market strong in 2023 and the next 12 months will follow the pattern of the past year. Annual rental price growth across England and Wales is currently nine per cent. Apartment price growth is outpacing that of houses, at 11% versus 8.2%. However, rent rises […]

The benefits of living in a bungalow

Living in bungalows offers low maintenance, safe and eco-friendly living with optimum use of space for ideal comfort and design appeal. If you are in the process of buying a home, it is always a good idea to narrow down your choices. For many, bungalows offer the perfect opportunity with open concept living, easy one […]

Why Do I Need Insurance?

Life Cover A carefully chosen life insurance policy can help minimise the financial impact that your death could have on your loved ones. Serious Illness Cover Ensures you and your loved ones are protected if you fall ill, which can be used to cover expenses while you recover. Income Protection If you are unable to […]

Luff sponsors Lakeside Winter Igloo

Lakeside Primary School held The Twelve Days of Christmas evevnts for the children and their families. Different activities took place each day and Luffs were proud to sponsor the Winter Igloo, a popular event where children enjoyed having stories read to them.  

Frimley Green warms up for Xmas

On a cold winter’s December day, Frimley Green residents came together to put on a Christmas Fair on the Green. This is the first year for the festive fair and turnout was excellent!

Dragon Date [December Demo] [Akemari Studios]

Overview Dragon Date is a fun little adventure/dating sim game. You play as a mercenary who has just been hired as a “dragon caretaker”, however you immediately discover that all the dragons you will be taking care of are cute girls! It depends on you that they are safe and happy during various conflicts: both […]