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A modern day revival

A return to Earthy colours, 1970s decor is having a modern revival

Earthy hues are perfect for a living room used for both socialising and relaxing and is proving popular with buyers and vendors looking to update their property. Paired with low-slung, boxy sofas upholstered in rich colours, some of the era’s more memorable trends, from rattan and bamboo to velvets and mushroom lamps, are being newly celebrated – with a 2023 twist.

The 1970s was an experimental decade, with designers becoming more daring in their choices. Thick pile rugs, smooth leather and velvet sofas contrast well with silver metals, stained wood, and smooth vinyl surfaces. Rich textures evoke the era, think bouclé, deep pile, velvets, rattan and bamboo, combined with polished finishes such as metal and lacquer.
This was the era when we started to embrace a less formal style of living of open-plan living and it’s the comfort of that decade that resonates with us now.

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